Sunday, 3 February 2013

What we are up against!

If you search for any of the towns of the UK in conjuction with “Website Design” there are a number of website designers offering to produce a website for a tiny cost. Look more closely and you won’t find any address details or recognition of UK website law. They offer a list of things included but look more closely and you will find that text and the majority of photos or graphics are not part of the package.

I’ve already had to help one company who received such a website and then had the nightmare of populating the blank website on their own with no help from the “designer”

Of course they had no idea that taking a photo off the camera and putting it straight on to the website would cause problems, or that a rainbow of coloured text and different fonts didn’t acheive the most professional results.

My granny had a saying “Buy cheap…buy dear!” meaning the longtime costs of buying a cheap item would outweigh the initial investment of a higher priced but superior object. For her, for example, cheap shoddy made shoes would need to be replaced more often than more expensive ones.

It’s no different with websites, once you have paid your money cheap website companies don’t want to know you. They are not interested in your business improving or you making more sales. They don't want to know about price changes, or business address moves.

Choosing an established website designer with a past record and a commitment to customers is a much better idea in the long run.

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