Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Invisible Business?

After being telephoned by a representative of Yellow Pages I started to think about the last time I used it to find anything.  Surprisingly, for me, it has been years. Instead of letting my fingers do the walking, I've moved on.

Like millions of others my first port of call, to find an address of a local business or service, is to look online, usually Google.

Being a website design company means we are easily found through our website, which we obviously have to show our skills (see ) but what about all the local businesses, services and charities in Aberdeenshire that don't have a web site?

With people bypassing all the traditional methods of finding goods and services, we now rely on two things, the Internet and Word of Mouth.  I've often seen people asking their friends on FaceBook for their advice, for example "Anyone know a reliable plumber?" 

What that implies is the need for both a web presence and social networking because the quickest and easiest way for your business to be referred to is for people to be able to direct potential customers, their friends, aquaintances and work colleagues, to your web site address.

In the words of the story "Doctor, doctor the Invisible Man wants an appointment!"  to which the reply from the esteemed medical man was "Tell him I can't see him!"

Without a website today a business could become invisible, and unable to compete with businesses which have a prescence on the Internet.  As my grandfather would have said "Think on!"

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